Former Sheldon Police Station - Planning Objection

Jess addresses Garretts Green residents

Jess recently met with Garretts Green residents to make sure the community's voice was heard by the visiting planning committee at the former Sheldon Police Station. 
For over a year Jess has supported local residents in their fight to block the planning application which seeks permission to house many vulnerable groups with conflicting specialist requirements. The prominent location of the building and the diverse mix of prospective residents makes the application entirely unsuitable.
The application was originally turned down by the planning Committee in 2018, but a revised version was submitted earlier this year with a decision pending later this month.
Jess said: "Supported accommodation is a necessary part of our housing mix and vulnerable people need to be cared for in discreet, specialised locations. A former police station overlooking a large residential area is not that location.”
It is essential that people's reasonable objections are listened to by developers and local government, and that a fair outcome is secured for both local people and the prospective occupants of any development. Following the visit Jess and local councillor Saddak Miah have submitted the following further objections:
Application No: 2019/03098/PA - 191 Sheldon Heath Road Sheldon Birmingham B26 2DR
Following the site meeting on the 11th July 2019, further issues of concern have arisen.
Firstly, we understand that the recreational space at the rear of the building in former car park will be used until 11pm at night.
This is immediately adjacent to two residential properties. The accompanying noise and disruption is likely to affect the amenity of these properties.
The residents have also raised concerns about being overlooked by residents using the roof garden. Again, this is likely to affect their enjoyment of the facilities of their homes.
Removal of the roof garden would affect the total amenity space available to the development. We have already raised concerns about the utility of this roof garden as a safe amenity space and again draw your attention to the significant weight given to amenity space by the planning inspector that upheld the original refusal. Given the nature of the expected occupants, keeping them safe must be a priority.
We have been made aware that the provider intending to take up the lease of the property will be offering accommodation to adults with mental health issues. This provided some reassurance to residents, however concerns were raised that this would require 24-hour access to the site. Additionally, concerns were raised about whether there was sufficient staff accommodation to ensure the safe management of the site, given the size of the establishment.
Residents are also concerned that once permission for conversion is granted, there is no protection that would stop the developer or the provider from changing the type of residents housed. We would request that conditions be imposed on the property to restrict this.
The planning committee’s decision is due in the coming week, if you have any further objections you would like to raise please email them to: