Jess addresses People's Vote Rally in Birmingham

Jess spoke in favour of a People's Vote to give the public the final say over the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.
The rally was held at the University of Birmingham's Great Hall, called to oppose any attempt by Boris Johnson to crash out of the EU with No Deal, a move which would seriously threaten jobs and living standards in Yardley and across the UK.
Jess said:
“Boris Johnson, the new Prime Minister, has claimed his election by just over 90,000 people who happen to be members of the Conservative Party has given him a mandate to impose on the country the hardest possible form of Brexit or, even worse, a No Deal.
"But what he is planning is a million miles away from anything that was promised back in 2016 and that is why the Brexit debate has now essentially come down to one question: can he be allowed to get away with forcing his Brexit on Britain without us having any say
"The next few months are set to be crucial. I promise to spend them working with MPs from across the House of Commons to ensure that we do not crash out of the EU without a deal and that any deal we do get is put to the British people in a referendum.
"In doing so I will have the interests of my constituents in Birmingham Yardley at heart – however they voted in 2016 I believe they have the right to the final say. It’s time to recognise the only way to end this crisis and establish a lasting settlement on Brexit is to put this crucial question back to the people. Let us be heard.”