_No Victim Left Behind

Campaign Banner saying No Victim Left BehindCampaign Banner saying No Victim Left Behind

What is the Domestic Abuse Bill?

The Domestic Abuse Bill is designed to increase support for victims of domestic abuse and improve the way the justice system handles cases.

It will create a statutory definition of domestic abuse, give police new powers to protect victims, create new duties on local government to house survivors, and establish a Domestic Abuse Commissioner to hold Government & agencies to account.

There are also a number of changes to the way court cases are carried out, including the prohibition of perpetrators of abuse from cross-examining their victims.

How can we make it better?

The Government's Domestic Abuse Bill does not protect all victims of domestic abuse equally.

There are huge gaps in what the Bill proposes, excluding migrant women from accessing support, overlooking the effect of domestic abuse on the children who live with it, and failing to address the needs of the many victims who receive support in the community rather than in refuge.

How can it be that there are care workers, NHS workers and key workers serving the public right now during the Covid-19 crisis who would not be equally protected if they needed to escape abuse?

Surely it is about all of us, or it is about none of us.

What happens next?

There is an historic opportunity to improve how our country deals with domestic abuse: from prevention to crisis support.

We must amend the Bill to make sure that no victim or survivor of domestic abuse is left behind.

Please sign the petition and share your support for our amendments to the Domestic Abuse Bill.