Jess Phillips MP headshotJess Phillips Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley


June 7, 2018 - 9:17am By: OfficeTeam

Yardley MP Jess Phillips attends highly skilled migrant protest at Parliament.
Highly Skilled Migrants which represents migrants in professional occupations protested outside Westminster to raise awareness about discriminatory and hostile Home Office policies.
The protest focused on the issue of highly skilled migrants increasingly being refused indefinite leave to remain for small errors on past tax returns, under section 332 of the Immigration Act.
Section 332 was originally introduced to refuse criminals and those deemed a threat to national security.
Jess attended the protest to show her support against the draconian use of section 332.
Jess Phillips MP said:
"I have been working with my constituents who have been affected by the draconian use of the Immigration Act that was initially intended to target terrorist. We have been fighting to ensure that doctors, teachers and nurses who all play such a vital role in our communities are treated fairly by the immigration system in the country they have paid taxes in and call home.”


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