Jess Phillips MP headshotJess Phillips Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley


January 25, 2017 - 10:20am By: OfficeTeam

Yardley MP Jess Phillips joined members of Women's Aid and survivors of domestic violence to hand in the 'Child First' petition to 10 Downing Street. 
In the petition, Women's Aid are calling on the Government and family courts to ensure there are no further avoidable child deaths as a result of unsafe child contact with a perpetrator of domestic abuse. The petition has been signed by over 40,000 supporters.
Claire Throssell, Child First spokeswoman and the mother of Jack and Paul (killed by their father during an unsupervised contact visit in 2014) led the hand-in. 
Jess Phillips MP said:
"“Survivors of domestic abuse going through the family courts are being re-traumatised, day in and day out, all over the country. This is throwing children in harm’s way, again and again – and it has to stop."
"I am very proud to have worked closely with Women’s Aid over the past year to bring these issues to light – and I will continue to call for urgent change.”

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