A plan for the NHS

Yardley MP Jess Phillips attended 38 Degrees reception where they presented a detail plan to fund the NHS. In the last few years, public concern has grown over the NHS. Jess recently received emails from numerous constituents urging her to support an increase of at least 4% to NHS funding. Research carried out by 38 Degrees demonstrates that there is widespread support for a small, fair tax rise as a solution to the NHS funding crisis. Their research found that two-thirds of the public back a 1% tax rise.

Jess Phillips MP said: “There is clear support for greater NHS funding paid for by a small and fair tax increase. The research done by 38 Degrees demonstrates that the public want a NHS that works and are happy to contriubute towards it." “Years of cuts have deeply damaged our NHS. We have seen A&Es in crisis, growing waiting lists and staff shortages. I am glad the Government has finally recognised to deliver the service people need the NHS will need greater funding. That is why I support at least a 4% funding increase for the NHS.”

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