NHS Celebration

Yardley MP Jess Phillips attended the NHS70 Parliamentary awards where her nominee HECTOR (Heartlands Elderly Care, Trama and Ongoing Recovery Project) won the Excellence in Urgent and Emergency Care Award. To celebrate 70 years of the NHS, an awards ceremony was held to recgonise the hard work and dedication of NHS staff. MPs nominated individuals and teams serving their constituents for awards across ten categories.

After being elected shortlisted in May, Jess’ nominee HECTOR was named national winner of The Excellence in Urgent and Emergency Care Award. HECTOR is based at Heartlands Hospital, and provides a patient-centred approach to caring for elderly people with traumatic injuries. They are responsible for the reduced length of stay, reduced complication rates and higher likelihood of returning home for elderly patients.

Jess Phillips MP said: "I am thrilled HECTOR won today. They totally deserved it. This award helps emphasise the importance of looking after our elderly and making sure they are treated with the same dignity and respect as anyone else." "It is a welcome reminder to us all that elderly peoples’ care is vitally important. It might not always be more glamorous part of NHS but it is changing thousands of people’s.”